FreeJays DJ set: crispy tunes on live visuals, swinging between tasty classics and the sound of the second.
FreeJays Live: armed with laptops, controllers, drumpads and synths bringing live remixing and audiovisual performance.

Festivals: CrammerocK, JosPOP, RockTW, Rock Waregem, Thoprock, Heemstock, a.o. / Locations: Vooruit, Tijuana, Culture Club, Eskimo Factory, Cactus, H2O and tons of others. / Billed with: Dr Lektroluv, Discobar Galaxie, Cosy Mozzy, Laston & Geo, Starski & Tonic, The Subs, Hermanos Inglesos, Frères Deluxe, Trish, Buscemi, Gerrit K, Fredo & Thang, Magnus, Maxim Lany, Ben Dover, Mr. Snu & Sir Matthew, La Fille d’O and shitloads more!


For bookings please send a mail stating time, date, history and estimated turn-out of your superawesome event.